About us
The Insole Shop is your one stop online store for all MEGAComfort Products. 

MEGAComfort represents a vision formulated from over 10 years of research, design and just good old fashioned hard work.

All MEGAComfort products are Ergonomically Designed by Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Kevan Orvitz

Dr. Kevan Orvitz
Dr. Kevan Orvitz
Founder and Inventor
MEGAComfort Inc.

" As a practicing Podiatrist with over 15 years experience in various parts of the world, I have studied all aspects of biomechanics, and the human body as it relates to the lower extremity and the feet. As part of MEGAComfort's unique personal service and commitment to its valued clients, I am always available to answer any clinical questions in regards to our products line.

And that, is my Personal Commitment to you! "


MEGAComfort was formed in 2002 as a result of the tremendous need to provide ergonomic insole products which will increase health and well being while at the same time being cost-effective . Whether it was through my own personal experience of working at an automobile assembly plant during my summer recesses from Podiatry College, when I was asked to find a solution for the modern day urban soldier or in consulting for various sports teams, I am pleased to say this was my mission and now MEGAComfort's achievement.

MEGAComfort's Insole products are a real life practical manifestation of this vision . Our Insoles' unique patent pending properties, using dual layered memory foam to achieve self customizing optimal shock absorption and comfort, illustrates MEGAComfort's uniqueness in the marketplace and its commitment to excellence.

As part of MEGAComfort's exceptional growth over the last four years, more and more individuals have had the opportunity to experience our Insoles firsthand.

MEGAComfort has always prided itself on its superior level of customer service and satisfaction. We have developed a solid reputation in the industry for not only providing the high quality products but also providing efficient and reliable personal customer service to all our clients even through our period of exponential growth.

We believe that building and maintaining personal relationships with our valued clients is what makes MEGAComfort stand above the rest and it it our commitment to continue this tradition.